Rare Collective and Vintage Pictures of:

Doc Dingley (Standing), Marshall King (Seated), Sady Cheryl (Marshall Kings Wife), and Elusive Alicia (Far Right)
 (Circa 1870)

The Old West was still plenty wild in those days, even in 1870. This is a very rare photograph of Doc Dingley, Marshall King, and their girls at that time. It was not uncommon that civic figures in those days also be asked to uphold, participate, and hold public enforcement duties as well, for Doc it served to be a two fold duty (both as a doctor and lawman). "They usually ran fast and hard from'em when they heard those two where lookin for 'em" is what most folk said when criminals and wrong doers were pursued by the duo team.

With Marshall King, Doc Dingley, and their posse chasing after them - most criminals and wrong doers often found themselves fleeing and their roles to be: Challenging, Fruitless, and on occasion sometimes Fatal.


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The song you are hearing is from an amazing arranger and guitar player named Paavo “Tarantula” Härkönen. Paavo is a Finnish computer musician, he has composed background music for computer games such as Dransik and Ashen Empires and his future projects include Elderlands and Stygian Worlds. He has enjoyed considerable success at Assembly, a demoparty held each year in Helsinki, Finland, having won the Freestyle music competition in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Paavo Härkönen also plays guitar in a Finnish death metal band called Zombi.. The song is called "Sundown Showdown , if you would like to learn or hear more about his music click here: Paavo “Tarantula” Härkönen. The song is followed by the familiar theme song from the movie The Good-The Bad-and The Ugly composed by Ennio Morricone. To turn off the music at any time hit the stop/play button on the media player window above, hit the stop/play button again to resume the music or refresh (or reload) the page. If you are not hearing the music check your volume level, else try clicking on the song title above to launch your favorite media song player.


Another piece from Doc's collection:
A rare gold Colt 45 Single Action Anniversary Edition Replica (fully functioning) retirement piece
given to Doc at his retirement from law enforcement.

A modest man, somehow over the years 'Doc' managed to elude many a paparazzi and newsman of the day. Preferring to say anonymous, and behind the scenes and continue his work he might instead say something like: "I believe you probably are haven a case of mistaken identity, the wrong person mind yaa.  If I did do something, I'm only say'en I did what any other folk would have done. Mind yaa, I'm not say'en I did or didn't do anything but if I did that's all I'm say'en !" -Doc D.-. He was coy and sharp when it came to the media we'll tell you.

Over the years Doc Dingley's deeds have been legendary and fairly well known in parts of the world and his own country. Known for his intellect, fortitude, creations, inspiration, right doings, and generosity. For some reason 'Doc' preferred to remain anonymous and went virtually un-proclaimed, and undocumented except within private circles for many years, that is until now.

In tribute to: Old Doc Dingley !

Move your mouse over Doc's Picture and hear a personal greeting from him...

Some Notable Quotes:
You would sometimes hear from 'Old Doc Dingley'

On Good-Days:
Doc would sometimes reply

"It's all in a days work. You know I already got my tickets
into Heaven - You want some?"
-Doc D.-

 "I've just been try'n to do what's right with the big guy up there - that's all.
 Let someone else take some credit - I've already gotten that."
-Doc D.-

On Politics:

We heard from Doc's Great Grandson (The Professor) Young Doc D. which we thought would be appreciated here for Old Doc's view on politics. He was gracious enough to allow us to quote him here on what he thought his grandfathers thoughts on the subject might be.

* Editors Note: Folks who knew the legendary Old Doc D. and the Young Doc D. seem to often comment about the number similar virtuous traits that can be found between them in thoughts, causes, mannerisms, civic, and moral values.

When it came to politics, which was the least favorite subject of Old Doc's. If someone talked about politics or world events in reference to a country or faction as being the possible cause to a problem or situation for example that they might have seen or heard in the news Old Doc
(later in his life) might have taken a breath and quoted something from  Marlon Brando in the movie - 'The Formula' in which Brando plays a well to do Oil tycoon and makes comment to his right hand man in the movie:

Right Hand Man
"Sir - Sir  What about OPEC? Aren't they going to be a problem?"

"Norman, Norman, Norman, You fail to realize  (pause)  We are OPEC !"

Meaning it's not always what you may think it is, it's sometimes (often in the areas of business and politics) smoke and mirrors, referencing the possibilities of something else actually being the cause or power behind something else a.k.a - the art and techniques of spinning. Keep the focus somewhere else.

We're sure he had a lot more to say on the subject of politics, but we just haven't received or heard them yet. If you hear of any more of Doc's famous quotes please let us know!

On Bad Days:

In reference to being kind and trying to be helpful to someone who is being stubborn  Doc might take a deep breath, shake his head and mutter something like:

"Yaa know, some days it's like trying to push a great big greased elephant, up a hill ! -Doc D.-
"It's like dragging a stubborn mule or horse to water - not lead them mind you - Drag'em !"
-Doc D.-

Any Days (Advice etc):
Doc might say

"I wouldn't try moving that old hound dog if I were you, seems pretty content just laying there or the porch where he or she is, and as I see it...probably has a pretty good reason too." -Doc D.-

Meaning don't be so quick in trying changing a persons ideals without giving it some thought or asking them first. May be a darn good reason their doing it that way.

"Gentlemen: A women wants and needs to be listened to. In essence not spoken to, or given advise to as some of you might be believing. You might want to say something, but don't - just wait. Many a men don't learn that until they're much later in their prime."
-Doc D.-

That ones pretty clear. Guy's we'll leave that one up to you to decipher, we just thought it was a great typical one liner from him, something to learn from.

"Well you have to realize he/she is a king/queen!... of nothing mind yaa, but a king/queen none the less. Kind'of like the king who wore no pants, don't you think ?"
-Doc D.-

In reference to person or persons who might be a bit cynical, forward, know it all, a bit quick to stand on things and have something to say without listening first. Often be sharp, judgmental, unfair, biased, or perhaps a bit egocentric he might say

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This ones great. Something humorous and yet somehow useful that we heard from Doc's Great Grandson (The Professor) which we thought would be appreciated and should be included here. Young Doc Dingley (II) was gracious enough to allow us to quote and print him here:

Modified from the great Buddhist monk:
- Thich Nhat Hanh -
The Professor's advice as it relates to patience,
the workplace, everyday life, and making of decisions!

"Zone out and meditate for a second - Relax, be calm, breath in, and listen. Don't be hurried into into making any rash/impetuous decisions, just 'be the lotus flower' like a mantra. Then if things start to get really frustrating and tense around you don't worry or get angry just breath in, relax, be calm, and 'Be That Frigging Lotus Flower'. When nobody’s looking, ‘crush that beer can, milk carton, bust that pencil, etc’ and smile. -You'll be great!, or at least still look great in people eyes !"  Ohm -Doc D II.-
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

An axiom from Young Doc Dingley (II) who was kindly enough to allow us to quote and print this here also:

"In most any situation - "Saying Less is more !"

In reference to legal matters, business issues, etc. In general. Think before you speak, say less/nothing but be truthful!

It's been rumored, and claimed there are other rare collective vintage pictures of Doc Dingley out there somewhere to be found. If you have heard of or seen of any of them please let us know so we can add them to our collection.

-- Stay Tuned --

As we dig deeper into the mysteries and intrigue of this very interesting man. Note, as more seems to become available and is released about Doc Dingley and his descendents we will try to post and publish it here !

Some Audios

 ♪  Clint on talkin about his Mule

Although rare, collective Audio Clips of Doc Dingley can be found periodically throughout portions of this site. Below are just a few examples:

 ♪  Message from The Duke

Doc just being busy
The Duke, Clint, and Doc Dingley if they had Internet

Somewhat older Doc (no one really knows just how old he was when this one was made)
A word of thanks from Doc Dingley

What's-Up Doc:  Like to learn more about Ol-Doc Dingley? Check back often and learn more!

 Colt 45 Pistol

From Docs Collection:
 O'l Docs Legendary 'Peacekeeper' Side arm and the Gold Star badge
appointed to him during his public duties days from his good friend Marshall King.

(A Family Tradition)

Click on Doc's Picture to read more information about this marvelous and mysterious man.
The Legendary
'Old Doc Dingley'
Circa 1870


Old Doc Dingley
Circa 1910

Here's a Taste (from what we know): It doesn't matter which side of the family you come from young Doc D. aka The Professor, or Old Doc D. there has been plenty of good lineage and care giving folks both men and women in the family tree. There's been a number of local and federally actively involved civil service and community based leaders (e.g selectmen, mayors, congressmen, representatives, and statesmen) advocating for the rights of citizens in the US, England in the House of Parliament, Europe, and the Middle East that we know of. There were two governors of Maine, two U.S. Senators (State of Maine and Minnesota), three newspapers, a print house and publishing firm (the Dingley Press) which among other things was one of Leon Leonwood Beans (L.L Bean founder) earliest tenants located in the basement of his first store and produced the greater part of the LL Bean Catalogs even today. There were two grandmothers of whom out of their own pockets would invite and feed numbers of enlisted men during WWI at the nearby staging area most of whom were away from their families to have full Sunday dinners before shipping out, they also fed countless low paid school teachers meals whom otherwise could not have afforded to do so during the time periods of WWI and WWII. There are relations to Harpers Ferry, Davy Crocket, Sea Captains, and Fairbanks, a Knight to the Vatican, a Prior of The Knights of Malta (Ven Sir Thomas Dingley), a part of the early Mayflower passengers and Plymouth Colony settlement, a greatly cherished and loved blacksmith for the Plymouth Colony who had his daughters hand in marriage asked for by one of Capt Miles Standish's sons.  A number of prominently decorated and honored officers, service men, and women  An initial member of the U.S. Navel Seabee's (WWII), as well as the U.S. Navel Deep Sea Divers Team in the South Pacific during WWII. A chairman of the U.S. House Committee of the Ways and Means (Nelson Dingley Jr) a friend of President William McKinley, and who in fact initially turned down the position offered by President McKinley of Secretary of the Treasury in order to better help and serve the American public in the position as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee considered to be one of the most powerful positions in congress even today.  There are several pioneers in fields of hydraulics, electronics computer systems and software, electronic communications, and civil engineering (developing of one of the nations first divided highways).  OK - Perhaps we're just being a bit too boastful in talking about them now, most of them were pretty modest folks, and still are, they did what they could and had to. They probably wouldn't care much for us speaking about them the way that we have, but we did - they deserve it. Anyway there's a taste, there's undoubtedly more yet to come -Stay Tuned - !


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